Partner with Well Woven: Where Innovation Meets Partnership

Welcome to Well Woven, where we merge fresh ecommerce insights with the agility of a nimble partner. Our data-driven approach ensures that we offer value-focused, high-quality rug designs that adapt quickly to market trends. As a smaller brand, we prioritize flexibility and speed, allowing us to respond rapidly to your needs and help you captivate your customers. Discover how our bespoke solutions can elevate your offerings and drive sales.

Since 2014

Founded in New York City in 2014, Well Woven is an omni-channel rug design and development company that stands at the intersection of creativity, quality, and affordability. We're not just creating rugs - we're reinventing spaces, crafting each design to inspire and transform. Our mission goes beyond commerce, aiming to make homes around the world 'Rug Happy', one meticulously crafted rug at a time.

Sneak Peak of Callum – launching Summer 2024!